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If you tasted it, your mouth wouldn't be a mouth anymore; it would be a heart."

Julia, 5 years old

Oh Mi-O, Oh My-O...MISO MAYO!"
-Scott and Judy, LA, CA.

"Lettuce based cuisine - Go Warriors!"
-Mark and Susan, Oakland, CA.

"I consider our refrigerator empty unless there are at least two varieties of Miso Mayo at all times! Our family uses Miso Mayo on everything from artichokes to tuna sandwiches. We've been fans ever since we first stumbled onto this product in our health food store years ago."

Stephanie W
Venice, CA

"I was eating my lunch and had to write this. I made my sandwich with chicken, avocado and lettuce on sourdough. That fabulous beginning became extraordinary when I spiced it up with Miso Mayo's Spicy Red Pepper. Thanks for Miso Mayo: It makes life better."

Dennis H
Venice, CA
Chris T
Venice, CA

"Yummy" -Willow, Venice CA.

"I was first turned on to Miso Mayo by my aunt Estelle in Beverly Hills, who taught me how to make the classic macrobiotic dish below. (Everyone needs an Aunt Estelle :) She used Miso Mayo to top it with and I flipped. Since then I have used Miso Mayo to give any bland food some umami. As a vegetarian I satisfy my lunch meat craving with slices of extra firm tofu straight from the fridge with a squirt of Miso Mayo on top. As satisfying as salami!"

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Miso Mayo is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread . . .This Miso Mayo is a sure-fire way to get kids -- and adults like me -- to eat more veggies like broccoli."

customer cooking with miso mayo at the Steamboat Springs,Co
We Love Miso Mayo. It makes us soooo happy."
Lei Lani (and Glenn, not pictured),
Steamboat Springs, CO

"The three flavors worked great in everything I made. It added a bit of umami (Japanese for “pleasant savory taste”, in a nutshell), which just gave everything a nice flavor boost."

"I just wanted to write your company a letter letting you know how much I love your product. I became a vegan about 6 months ago and have not been able to find a mayonnaise substitute that I really liked. That is, until I discovered Miso Mayo. My wife discovered it in one of our local organic markets. I was reluctant to buy it, but I did. We first tried Miso Mayo on a tomato sandwich, during the summer when we still had home grown tomatoes. It was awesome! I love the rich flavor it adds to a sandwich. Since then, no sandwich is complete without a squeeze of Miso Mayo on it.Thank you for making this product."

Laurel, MD

"It was just on whim that I decided to mix in some Miso Mayo into my pasta: macaroni shaped whole wheat pasta (but I bet any type would do) and original miso mayo, plus pepper or seasonings to taste. It was simple and perfect. It totally feels like an alternative to traditional mac 'n cheese. Feel free to add anything or improvise on it!
So heart healthy! I LOVE Miso Mayo. Thanks!

Long Beach, CA

"Aloha ~ I first saw Miso Mayo when I was living in Georgia at Harry's Farmers Market in Alpharetta. I was intrigued but afraid to try it ~ I'd had so many "promising" alternatives that wound up tasting like an old shoe. It took me three years to give it a go and I can't believe what I've been missing out on. I purchased a bottle of the garlic and dill this evening at Island Naturals Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii where I am currently living. God only knows why I had to travel 1/2 way to Japan to taste this amazing product. I bought some fresh raw ahi tuna (even though I am normally not a meat eater), some Miso Mayo and a Passionfruit/Hibiscus drink. Needless to say, my mouth was in pure HEAVEN. I began fantasizing about all the things I would put the mayo on in the future..... broccoli, kelp noodles, crackers, sandwiches, salad, more Ahi..... the list goes on. I also considered going back to "the Natch" ~ as it's affectionately known ~ and buying every bottle they had just in case I needed a fix and ran out and for some reason others catch on to how great it is - a very lack and limitation mindset I know, but true none the less. Really, this email is just to show my extreme gratitude for making a product so amazingly yummy that I would hoard it just to be sure I never ran out. Peace and love and many mahalos!!"

Aloha! Justine Smith Zumba Fitness Instructor

"Ever since I discovered your product in Whole Foods in Portland, Maine, two years ago I have become a Miso Mayo addict. I buy the spicy red pepper and go through about 4 bottles a month. Wonderful product!! I use it in a variety of ways and every week with tuna and apple as a wrap spread for lunch. YUM!

Diane F.
Brunswick, ME
Marcel cat liking Miso Mayo
mmmm...so good. Marcel in Venice

Miso Mayo is Not Just for Soy Nuts!I was over at my friend Alice's for lunch and I pulled a squeeze bottle of something called Miso Mayo out of the fridge. Alice's friend Janet, who I'd just met, casually said that she makes that stuff. I thought she meant that she makes her own homemade version, but what she really meant was that she created Miso Mayo. And after tasting it, I'm sure glad she did. Janet's creation went from a home recipe to a small food company, distributing Miso Mayo to Whole Foods and health food stores around the country (see link above to the Miso Mayo site for a list of stores). There are three flavors but I'm most partial to the Spicy Red Pepper version. I substituted it for the olive oil in this recipe for Quick Corn and Black Bean Salad and it added the kick that was needed to satisfy my bland-averse palate."

I came across your Red Pepper Miso Mayo while shopping at New Leaf in Half Moon Bay, CA. I had never heard of it before then, and I really hate all the other phony mayo I've tried, so I'm always searching for that perfect vegan sandwich spread. I found it! YUMMMMMMY. It's like ambrosia to me.Thanks for existing,"

Monica Lucas
Burlingame, CA

An easy quick lunch or light dinner includes a Pantry Basic MUST-HAVE: Miso Mayo! I am in LOVE with this product and have been using it for like 6 years now. (Click on link for recipe: Miso Mayo, Tofu and Barley)

open faced smoked salmon sandwich with Garlic and Dill Miso Mayo
Wild smoked salmon open faced sandwiches on pumpernickel (or dark rye) with garlic n' dill Miso Mayo. So good!
Lizbeth W., LA CA

I am a health-conscious eater who loves Miso Mayo. My favorite way to eat it is as dressing for raw vegetables. The simple, wholesome recipe means that I don't have to worry about artificial additives and preservatives.

I also love the way it's packaged. The dressing is easy to get out of the bottle making it clean and quick to use.

Sometimes with healthy foods it's hard to get really good flavors or fat. The creamy texture and complex flavor of Miso Mayo compliments raw vegetables perfectly so I am more likely to eat them. In fact, where a pile of vegetables alone leaves me hungry, the same with a dollop of Miso Mayo creates a light, energizing and satisfying meal. My body thanks you, Miso Mayo.

Ahnday M.
Washington State

MISO MAYO is a great vegan soy based condiment that is so versatile and is a great alternative to mayonnaise and other high fat dressings. It comes in three great flavors: Spicy Red Pepper, Original, & Garlic 'n' Dill. It is also dairy, gluten, egg, cholesterol & sugar free. My favorite flavor is the Spicy Red Pepper, it has a nice kick to it. All three flavors are very tasty and I will use any of them I have on hand. Just so you all know I'm not a big mayonnaise fan and Miso Mayo is so much better and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as our family does. We use it in our veggie sushi, on veggie burgers and sandwiches; just about anything that needs a squirt of sauce on it. You must try it for yourself!